Window Washing Services

A Better Way To Clean. A Cleaner Way To Live

Window Washing services clearly improve your view of the world and your facility. At Quick Carpet Dry and Chem Dry of the Future company window washing is one of our specialties, we use many techniques to achieve great window washing results. With the help of lifts and descending devices

Chemdry of the future and Quick Carpet Dry company can clean any window at any building in Orange county regardless of height or grade of difficulty.

Other than the conventional wand and squeegee system, Quick Carpet Dry uses a d-ionized water system to clean the exterior of buildings. This system allows us to clean around a building at a good pace without damaging the landscape. Our window service includes removing hard water deposits on glass which is usually caused by sprinklers.

Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron which show up after the water has dried. These minerals create a challenge for windows to stay clear. Quick Carpet Dry company of Los Angeles removes the hard water deposits so that you not only see through your windows but also, so your window frames do not corrode over time.